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Our Mission

As part of its mission, Constance Group cares for the well-being and development of the communities in the neighbourhood of its operations. It considers its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as investments that contribute to the sustainable development of the community.

Fondation Constance

Fondation Constance is the entity responsible for the implementation of Constance Group’s CSR programmes through its Steering Committee. It reports to the Corporate Governance Committees of Group member companies which contribute towards the fund, and approve its annual programme and monitor its performance on a quarterly basis.

Constance Hotels and Services Limited, the subsidiary of Hotelest Limited, contributes to Fondation Constance.


The Constance Group’s CSR policy is guided by a set of three objectives.


Care for the well-being and development of the community in which it operates, including the environment.


Ensure that the Group's involvement and contribution make a difference.


Establish that Corporate Social Responsibility is not charity but an investment that bears a positive and sustainable impact on the community.

Whilst Fondation Constance extends its consideration to high-impact projects at national level, it tends to give priority to projects in the region in which its Group member companies operate. This gives the Group a wider opportunity to reach out to its local stakeholders.

Fund Allocation by focus area

Year ended 31 December 2021
Education Training
Education & Training
Socio-Economic Development
Socio-Economic Development